Simply because we can

Peat substitutes perfectly combined

„Horticulture is currently undergoing an unprecedented paradigm shift in the area of soils of substrates. Peat, a raw material that has provided security for decades, is becoming less and less available because it is considered a fossil raw material with a negative CO2 balance. According to the demands of the BMEL (Federal Ministry of Agricultural and Food), professional horticulture should be largely peat-free by 2030. This presents the entire industry with major challenges that need to be tackled together.

We at Gramoflor have been keeping a close eye on this development for many years and have set the necessary course for constantly increasing peat reduction at an early stage. The topic of peat reduction has a high priority in the company, so I can promise you: We can do it!

With the perfect combination of the best peat substitutes, we reduce the peat content of your substrates to a maximum and guarantee you the goal that is so important to you in this area, namely cultivation safety.

Peat reduction at Gramoflor is currently focused on our three pillars: The premium wood fibre LINGOFIBRE® form our own production and currently in five different types, as well as gramoCOCOPlus and substrate compost from our own processing. These glorious three are perfectly combined by us so that we can produce future-proof substrates for every type of cultivation in our own factories, whether peat-reduced or peat-free.

Our future is based on experience and knowledge, simply because we can!”

Josef Gramann
Managing Director


3 pillars of peat reduction

The necessary security for this promise is provided by the three firmly established pillars of Gramoflor peat reduction (see graphic attached). At Gramoflor, these are currently based on the following key raw materials: the premium wood fibre LIGNOFIBRE® from our own production as well as gramoCOCOPlus (Cocopeat and Cocofibre) and regionally sourced substrate compost – both from our own processing

LIGNOFIBRE®, gramoCOCOPlus and substrate compost are perfectly combined at Gramoflor so that – whether peat-reduced or peat-free – future-proof substrates for every type of crop are produced in the company’s own factories.

On the one hand, the three pillars of peat reduction itself are combined and, on the other hand, the combination of the individual structures or types of peat substitute, such as the five different structures of the wood fibre LIGNOFIBRE®, pays off. This makes it possible to produce any physical properties required for the respective crop.