Professional quality hobby potting soil.

Our promise “Quality from the start!” applies not only to the professional gardener but also to the hobby gardener at home. With our high-quality hobby potting soils in professional quality, we support the discerning garden lover in the care of his plants. That is why we offer our hobby potting soils, such as various flower and plant soils, exclusively in nurseries and specialist shops. Whether for flowers, indoor, balcony, herb or vegetable plants: We have the right growing medium for every use.

All hobby potting soils are at least peat-reduced. In addition to demonstrably responsibly sourced peat, we use renewable, horticulturally processed raw materials such as our LIGNOFIBRE® wood fibre, Cocopeat or green waste compost.

With our BIO potting soils, we also offer a 100% ecological solution for all gardening enthusiasts who want to consciously avoid peat. They are completely peat-free and offer an environmentally friendly alternative for every garden.

Our professional quality hobby soils ensure that your plants are perfectly supplied with nutrients and support their growth. Put your trust in our many years of experience.