What contribution do we make to sustainable horticulture?

With today’s knowledge and the increasingly clear signs from nature, the ultimate goal of sustainable horticulture is climate protection and it is important to pursue this goal honestly and with commitment. We at Gramoflor have long been aware of this responsibility and see the greatest lever for effective CO2 reduction in peat replacement. The constant increase of our peat replacement quota is therefore the most important key figure for us to make our contribution to sustainable horticulture.

More than ever, we pay attention to a holistically thought-out and sparing use of resources. We ensure this through the gramoNUTRI-concept, which we have developed ourselves over the years and through which, for example, the fertiliser dosage is also very targeted. Accordingly, we work with an advisory concept that is as resource-conserving as possible.

To achieve our goals, Gramoflor has been investing intensively for years in the areas of research & development as well as in sustainable product development, which is implemented as a key position in the company.

The search for and development of our own, renewable and regional peat substitutes and innovative product solutions for sustainable horticulture are therefore our top priority.

On the occasion of our 100th anniversary in 2008, we deliberately embarked on a path to actively promote the topic of sustainability in the company. And that’s why the credo of our PURE NATURE initiative is “For growth with a clear conscience!”. It spurs us on every day to produce sustainable and efficient substrate and soil solutions and to always be one step ahead here on the market.

Your contact person

Ulrike Fockenberg

Head of sustainable product development