Our self-image

Gramoflor is the international quality supplier of sustainable and efficient high-performance substrates for professional commercial horticulture.

The reduction of peat through the use of our own, regional and renewable raw materials plays a central role for us today and will continue to do so in the future.

At the same time, we produce a continuously high product quality in our own factories with qualified specialist personnel and the most modern, powerful production technology.

Customer proximity and the constant development of innovative product solutions are important foundation stones. The real added value achieved in this way makes us a competent and strong partner. A large part of this is due to a diverse and motivated team in a familiar environment.

Our mission

Since the beginning of the company’s history, we have been guided by the motto “Quality from the very beginning! Until today and also in the future, this is lived on all levels in our own production of innovative and secure substrates and soils for national and international horticulture.

“For growth with a good conscience”
is our credo, which spurs us on to produce climate-friendly and efficient substrate and soil solutions. The reduction of peat by using our own regional and renewable raw materials as far as possible, as well as our own raw material processing in our plants, play a central role in this.

We cultivate a family and partnership-based corporate culture that responds fairly, respectfully and value-oriented to the needs of our employees and all our business partners.

Our core competencies & goals

A strong partner through customer proximity

Customer proximity, customer satisfaction and, of course, crop safety for the customer are our top priorities. The distribution of substrates and soils at home and abroad has been carried out by ourselves for many years and is accompanied by very comprehensive and practical expert advice in close coordination.

Innovative products and future-oriented raw materials through research & development

We are focused on growth and have therefore been investing in our own research and development of sustainable and innovative high-performance substrates and soils for years. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of only offering substrate solutions that contain as little peat as technically necessary in the interest of climate protection. We measure this with the help of CO2 balances. Concrete objectives in this area are, on the one hand, the CO2 savings target of 2026 vs. 2019 for substrates & soils of -25% CO2 and the target of increasing the peat replacement rate across the entire product range to 45% by volume by 2025. This will put us at the forefront of the industry. Already today, no substrate leaves our production that does not contain at least 10% peat substitute.

These goals, as well as the further increase of our peat substitute quota, are to be achieved with the help of the established raw materials wood fibre LIGNOFIBRE®, Cocopeat and substrate compost, as well as with the establishment of new renewable and, if possible, regional raw materials as peat substitutes. We are also focused on the continuous improvement of established peat substitutes in order to optimise the chemical-physical properties per se and in interaction.

Powerful production in several plants

Gramoflor GmbH & Co. KG is headquartered in Vechta and has a total of three own high-performance production plants. Two of them in Northern Germany and one as a subsidiary Gramoflor Ibérica SLU in Mogente/Spain. All plants are equipped with today’s most modern technology.

Ensuring high product quality

Extensive quality assurance measures accompany the entire production chain from incoming goods to outgoing goods and also in after-sales service. Compliance with high quality standards and suitable delivery times are also top priorities for us.

Creating and preserving living raised bogs is active bog and climate protection

Guided by our company history of over 110 years, we are committed to the development and preservation of raised bogs in northern Germany out of inner conviction and with a great deal of heart and soul. Together with the foundation Lebensraum Moor, established in 2012, and with accompanying scientific research work, we are setting a strong example for moorland and climate protection that is unique in the industry.

A highly qualified team in a familiar environment

Through good and interdepartmental teamwork, every single employee contributes significantly to the success of the business. Respect for the individual, consideration of personal and family concerns of the individual as well as a factual-constructive dialogue are important components of our company culture. Commitment and creative ideas are always welcome.

Our team consists of many long-standing, experienced employees and it is constantly expanding with new colleagues with fresh ideas and new approaches to solutions.

For some years now, we have also been a versatile training company in various areas to accompany young people on their way into professional life. We bear a high level of responsibility for our workforce and offer health-promoting measures and modern, well-equipped workplaces.