Quality from the start

“Quality from the start” is our guiding principle. In order to actively live this, we introduced a holistic quality management system years ago, which is consistently implemented and continuously optimised.

This results in 10 good reasons for working with Gramoflor:


Our team of competent and committed expert advisors and the close dialogue with our customers offer optimal product solutions for the most diverse requirements.


Our partnership with our suppliers and trading partners is based on mutual trust and ensures the reliable quality of the raw materials we use. When using raw materials, the following also applies: “Regional is our first choice!”


Strict quality control and incoming goods inspection, because only when high-quality individual components come together can they become a quality substrate.


Over 100 years of experience and expertise in responsible, regional peat extraction with subsequent renaturation in northern Germany.


A particularly flexible adjustment of the substrate structure by screening in up to five fractions of white peat and two fractions of black peat. The proprietary wood fibre LIGNOFIBRE® in the qualities: uncoloured-medium coarse, coloured with medium structure and coloured with extra fine structure.


A consistent acceptance of important production technologies by the Lower Saxony Weights and Measures Office.


State-of-the-art safety engineering and production technology such as a fractiometer, semi-automatic reserve sample detection integrated into the production run and a volumeter.


The storage of representative reserve samples in a cold store at 5°C for at least one year.


As well as the automatic creation of production protocols of each delivery batch. All recipes are stored in the customer portal and can be accessed at any time.


Continuous external monitoring by the Gütegemeinschaft Substrate für Pflanzen e.V.. Gramoflor is a member here.


All Gramoflor professional substrates are regularly checked by in-house and external samples and are certified according to the RAL quality procedure. It testifies to compliance with the high quality standards of the Gütegemeinschaft Substrate für Pflanzen e.V. (Quality Association for Substrates for Plants). The RAL quality and testing regulations are subject to consistent control and correspond to the current state of the art. In accordance with our guiding principle “Quality from the start!”, we naturally pay attention to high quality right from the start of the production process. Thus, all our substrate raw materials fulfil the RAL quality guidelines. Particularly noteworthy are our renewable peat substitute raw materials, namely LIGNOFIBRE® in four qualities, Cocopeat type 30, 60 and 100 as well as Cocofibre in type 100 quality. In full awareness of our responsibility for sustainability and ecological growth, all LIGNOFIBRE® varieties as well as Cocopeat types, Cocofibre and our organic substrates and organic soils are suitable for organic farming. All raw materials, the organic substrates from the overview of professional substrates and the peat-free soils are FIBL listed.

RAL Guetezeichen Grafik