Always up to date

Both Gramoflor Research and Development and Sustainable Product Development, which has also been implemented as a key position in the company, have been carrying out intensive research work for years. They develop innovative quality substrates for the optimal development of various crops and plants. Cultivation safety for horticulture, healthy and vital plants as well as climate-conscious gate reduction are the top priorities. The well-trained team researches intensively and with the highest priority into alternative, preferably renewable and regional substrate raw materials.

Here, in addition to the effectiveness of the raw material, cost efficiency, among other things, also plays an important role. The Research and Development and Sustainable Product Development departments keep an eye on both common and as yet unknown peat alternatives. They optimise these in Gramoflor’s own greenhouse and laboratory to create innovative substrate solutions for professional and hobby gardeners.
Chemical, biological and physical parameters of the substrates are tested as well as sensory aspects such as colour and smell.

In order to be close to the market, the development team always exchanges ideas with Gramoflor sales consultants and with our customers.

Regular participation in specialist events and lectures and scientific exchange with the relevant research institutions are also part of this. This always results in interesting questions and challenges that affect professional horticulture both now and in the long term.