Professional substrates with renewable peat substitutes.

We are your competent partner in professional gardening: With our professional substrates and soils, we focus on peat reduction and thus on climate-friendly production. Gramoflor professional substrates are innovative and well thought-out. Of course, the cultivation safety of the professional gardener is very important to us. Coupled with healthy plant growth and high-yielding crops, it enables the professional gardener to manage the crop efficiently.
The high quality of our professional substrates is reflected in the selection of high-quality substrate raw materials.

We focus here primarily on future-oriented, alternative renewable raw materials, such as our quality wood fibre LIGNOFIBRE®, Cocopeat and quality-assured substrate compost. Our North German peat also continues to play a certain role.
Coordinated with other components such as mineral raw materials, aggregates and fertilisers, we thus produce the ideal basis for safe cultivation.
Our substrate navigator will help you with the question “Which professional substrate is suitable for my cultivation?”