For us, moorland protection means creating long-term living raised bogs!

Guided by our company history of over 110 years, we are committed to the development and preservation of raised bogs in northern Germany out of inner conviction and with a great deal of heart and soul, thus directly protecting the bogs on our doorstep.

Together with the Habitat Moor Foundation, established in 2012, and with accompanying scientific research work on the return of the so-called “bult peat mosses” native to our region, we are setting a strong example for moorland protection that is unique in the industry, thus giving something back to nature in the long term and in a demonstrable way.

Together with the Institute for Landscape Ecology of the Westphalian Wilhelms University Münster and the Habitat Moor Foundation, a compact guide on peat moss propagation and establishment for renaturation purposes was published in 2022.

For decades, Gramoflor has been committed to the restoration of living raised bogs far beyond the legal framework of the Lower Saxony Bog Protection Programme, and the owner couple Josef and Gabriela Gramann have maintained trusting contacts with many representatives of well-known nature conservation organisations.

And so today we can confidently say: We create living raised bogs and thus sustainable real CO2 sinks for climate protection!