Superfine wood fiber with maximum water absorption!

We have once again succeeded in further developing our quality wood fibre LIGNOFIBRE®. From now on, the new variant LIGNOFIBRE®c hydro is available as a further and particularly effective peat substitute. The addition hydro represents the particularly high water absorption capacity of this new superfine wood fiber, which is 35% higher than conventional fine qualities of alternative raw materials. Thus, it can be used as an alternative for fine and also superfine peat fractions in numerous substrates. It can also increase the water capacity of all peat-reduced and peat-free soils.

Multiple application: from press pots to tray plates to containers

LIGNOFIBRE®c hydro is particularly suitable for substrate mixtures for sowing and propagation as well as for cuttings and young plants. Here, peat-reduced press pots and the use of peat-reduced substrates in tray plates are particularly worth mentioning. But also in peat-reduced substrate mixtures for cultivation in pots and containers, LIGNOFIBRE®c hydro is used to support the water absorption capacity. This is mainly due to the good combinability with the four other LIGNOFIBRE© variants in the structures coarse to extra fine, i.e. LIGNOFIBRE®c coarse to Xtrafine+

Own development – own production

They all originate from the residual material wood chips from regional wood processing and they are produced with Gramoflor’s own wood fibre machine. Thus they are the result of years of development work and constant investment in the latest technology. All variants are of the highest quality, as they are RAL quality-assured and also FiBL-listed for use in organic horticulture.

Maximum peat reduction through maximum combination

The interaction of the now five LIGNOFIBRE® structures with different air capacity and different water absorption capacity acts even more like a real “peat substitue booster” in the substrates. By cleverly combining the LIGNOFIBRE® variants with each other (see graphic) as well as with other also renewable peat substitutes, such as Cocopeat and substrate compost, the peat content can be reduced to a maximum.

With LIGNOFIBRE®c hydro we are now completely positioned in the wood fibre sector and in combination with the other peat substitutes available to us we can fulfil almost every substrate wish of our customers and further increase our peat substitution quota with the necessary dynamism.